Narsai: The Homilies

The translation volumes will be published by Peeters (Leuven) as a distinctive part of their Eastern Christian Texts in Translation series.

Volume 1 (edited by Aaron M. Butts, Kristian S. Heal, Robert A. Kitchen) [In press]

A Brief Introduction to Reading Narsai (Heal)
Memra 1 ‘Revelations to Patriarchs and Prophets I’ (Griffith)
Memra 5 ‘On Mary’ (Walsh)
Memra 8 ‘On Peter and Paul’ (Forness)
Memra 10 ‘On Stephen’ (Gross and Paz)
Memra 12 ‘On the Iniquity of the World’ (Van Rompay)
Memra 14 ‘On Jonah’ (Kitchen)

Volume 2 (translated by Adam H. Becker) [Under Review]

Memra 20 ‘On Lent 1’
Memra 23 ‘On Lent 3’
Memra 24 ‘On Lent 4’
Memra 26 ‘On Lent 5’
Memra 25 ‘On Reproof’
Memra 78 ‘On Reproof of the Clergy’
Memra 79 ‘On Reproof’

Volume 3 (edited by Robert A. Kitchen and Andrew Younan) [Under Review]

Memra 15 ‘On Reproof’ (Colby Scott)
Memra 17 ‘On Any Saints’ Day’ (Nevsky Everett)
Memra 31 ‘Against the Jews’ (Bumazhnov)
Memra 35 ‘On the Mysteries’ (Syryany)
Memra 54 ‘Finding of the Holy Cross’ (Gibson)
Memra 60 ‘On the Dedication of the Church’ (Rizk)

Other Publications

Aaron M. Butts, “Reclaiming Narsai’s Mēmrā of the Feast of the Victorious Cross.” Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies 23:1 (2020): 3–30.

Aaron M. Butts, Kristian S. Heal, and Robert A. Kitchen (eds.), Narsai: Rethinking his Work and his World. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2020.

Aaron M. Butts, Kristian S. Heal, and Sebastian P. Brock, Clavis to the Metrical Homilies of Narsai. Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium. Leuven: Peeters, 2021.

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