Twenty Great Developments in Syriac Studies in the Last Twenty Years

I recently wrote a series of twenty Facebook posts that highlighted twenty great developments in Syriac studies. This is, of course, a personal list. But I thought it worth gathering the posts all together in one place. 1. Gathering The formation of Syriac studies societies and regular local gatherings of Syriac scholars has helped growContinue reading “Twenty Great Developments in Syriac Studies in the Last Twenty Years”

Rethinking (with) Narsai (d. c. 500)

Narsai’s memre focus on salvation history as an ongoing learning process for humanity, in which Christ’s incarnation, with his two natures (God and man) preserved intact, is the key moment. Lucas Van Rompay In the summer of 2017, an international group of scholars met on the beautiful campus of Brigham Young University to share newContinue reading “Rethinking (with) Narsai (d. c. 500)”